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Filler Episode List
No. Title
1 “The Genius Basketball Player Is Born?!”
“Tensai Basuketto Man Tanjō!?” (天才バスケットマン 誕生!?)
Sakuragi Hanamichi is depressed after being rejected by 50 girls during Middle School. Once he enters High School, he meets a girl (Akagi Haruko) who introduces him to basketball.
2 “Go to Hell, Basketball! Hanamichi vs. Rukawa”
“Kutabare Basuke! Hanamichi buiesu Rukawa” (くたばれバスケ! 花道VS流川)
After school, Hanamichi has a run-in with Rukawa Kaede, who Haruko has a crush on. Hanamichi gets into a fight with him out of jealousy. Later, Hanamichi gets into a competition with the Shohoku basketball captain after he calls the sport ‘childish’.
3 “Gorilla vs. Hanamichi! Big Showdown!!”
“Gorira buiesu Hanamichi! KyÅ«kyoku no Taiketsu!!” (ゴリラVS花道! 究極の対決!!)
Hanamichi pulls off some amazing defense and manages to steal the ball from Akagi. He also manages to successfully pull off a slam dunk against Akagi. After the challenge, he finds out that Akagi is actually Haruko’s brother.
4 “Basketball Player Hanamichi Joins the Team!”
“Basuketto Man Hanamichi Nyubu!” (バスケットマン花道入部!)
Hanamichi decides to join the basketball club, which Akagi is against. Sakuragi tries to find a way to get on Akagi’s good side for Haruko’s sake. After Hanamichi shows his determination, Akagi lets him join the team and entrusts his basic training to the manager, Ayako.
5 “A Spiritless Afternoon”
“Konjō Nashi no Sabato” (根性なしの午後)
Hanamichi is tired of being made to do basic dribbling practice by himself. After Akagi refuses to let him practice with the rest of the team, Hanamichi gets into a fight with him and quits the club. He later regrets his actions and returns to the club.
6 “Rukawa vs. Akagi: The Real Showdown”
“Rukawa buiesu Akagi: Honmono Taiketsu!” (流川VS赤木·本物対決!)
Kogure remarks that Hanamichi is improving at an astonishing rate. Coach Anzai stops by to announce that they will be having a practice match against Ryonan High School soon. Anzai sets up a match, freshers vs. seniors, to measure the freshmen’s skills, but Akagi doesn’t let Hanamichi play. Rukawa pulls off some great moves, but isn’t able to score against Akagi.
7 “Hanamichi Debut! Dunk Explosion”
“Hanamichi DebyÅ«! Danku Sakuretsu!haruk” (花道デビュー!ダンクさく裂)
After Rukawa is defeated by Akagi once, he reveals his true potential and makes a spectacular dunk. Hanamichi is allowed to play for the last two minutes of the game, and he demonstrates his skill at dribbling that he learned from Ayako. He refuses to cooperate with his teammate Rukawa, however and tries to make a slam dunk, but ends but smashing the ball into Akagi’s head instead.
8 “Hanamichi’s Crisis! The Judo-man’s Trap”
“Hanamichi Pinchi! JÅ«dō Otoko no Wana” (花道ピンチ! 柔道男の罠)
Aota Tatsuhiko, captain of the Shohoku Judo Club and a childhood friend of Akagi and kim , decides that he wants Hanamichi in the Judo Club because of his innate talent. He tries to use pictures of Haruko as bait to lure Hanamichi into the Judo Club.
9 “I’m Going to Play Basketball”
“Ore wa Basuketto o yaru!” (オレは バスケットをやる!)
Aota continues to try and bribe Hanamichi into joining the Judo Club using Haruko’s photos. Hanamichi decides that he will take the pictures, but not join the Judo Club. The two get into a fight, and Hanamichi declares that he will not join the Judo Club as he is a basketball player
10 “The Commoner’s Shoot is Difficult”
“Shomin no ShÅ«to wa Muzukashii” (庶民のシュートは むずかしい)
Akagi decides that it’s about time that Hanamichi learns how to shoot. He asks Rukawa to demonstrate a simple layup shot, but Hanamichi isn’t interested in learning from Rukawa. Inevitably, they get in a fight, and are banned from practice for the day.
11 “Our Love’s Special Secret Training”
“Futari dake no Ai no Himitsu Tokkun!?” (二人だけの 愛の秘密特訓!?)
After practicing the lay up shot with Haruko before school, Hanamichi finally makes it in. After a bit more practice late after school, he figures that he can make the shot roughly one in three times. A player from Ryonan named Hikouichi comes to investigate Shohoku while Hanamichi is attempting a dunk, mistaking him for Rukawa after admiring his jumping ability.
12 “Defeat Ryonan! The Fierce Training the Night Before the Match”
“Taose Ryōnan! Kessen Zen’ya no Mōtokkun” (倒せ陵南! 決戦前夜の猛特訓)
The team practices for the upcoming match. Akagi stays after with Hanamichi the day before the match to instruct him on rebounds.
13 “Shohoku vs Ryonan. Burning Captain!”
“Sōhoku tai Ryōnan, Moeru Kyaputen!” (湘北VS陵南 燃える主将(キャプテン)!)
The faceoff between Shohoku and Ryonan begins. Hanamichi is crushed when it is revealed that he won’t be in the starting lineup, but soon relaxes when Anzai reassures him that he will become their “secret weapon”. Uozomi and Akagi begin their rivalry as captains.
14 “Super Basketball Match With Ryonan”
“Chō Kōkō KyÅ«! Ryōnan Dotō no Kōgeki” (超高校級! 陵南ドトウの攻撃)
The match starts off with Ryonan leading 19-0. Life returns to Shohoku after Rukawa gets the rebound and faces off with Sendo, passing the ball to Akagi for the dunk. Shohoku manages to catch up, ending the first half with a score of 42 to 50.
15 “Hanamichi Nervously Steps Into the Spotlight”
“Hanamichi Kinchō no Hare Butai!” (花道キンチョーの 晴れ舞台!)
Finally, Sakuragi got a chance to play when Akagi was hurt while playing. Now, there is only about 9 minutes left on the clock.
16 “Who is This Guy? Taoka’s Miscalculation”
“Nanda Koitsu wa!? Taoka no Gosan” (なんだコイツは!? 田岡の誤算)
With just 8 minutes left in the second half, Ryonan is still leading. Taoka tells the Ryonan to continue to attack. Sakuragi plays whole-heartedly and this impresses Sendoh.
17 “The Rebound King Sakuragi Hanamichi’s Distress”
“Ribaundo ÅŒ Sakuragi Hanamichi no Kunō” (リバウンド王 桜木花道の苦悩)
Ryonan is leading with 3 points ahead of Shohoku, Taoka said that the game will depends on how Sakuragi plays. Meanwhile, Sakuragi begins to realize how important rebounds are.
18 “Last 2 Minutes! I’ll Be the One to Defeat Sendoh”
“Rasuto Ni Bun! Sendō wa Ore ga Taosu” (ラスト2分! 仙道は俺が倒)
Sendoh is amazed at how good Shohoku has become, thus he begins to take the game seriously. Anzai then calls both Rukawa and Sakuragi to approach, to tell them of his plan.
19 “Time’s Up! The Decisive Battle with Ryonan”
“Taimu Appu! Ketchaku Ryōnan Sen” (タイムアップ! 決着陵南戦)
Although Shohoku has lost the game, Sakuragi played very well for his first game. Sakuragi and Rukawa vowed that in their next game with Ryonan, they will beat Sendoh.
20 “Basketball Shoes”
“Basuketto ShÅ«zu” (バスケットシューズ)
The next day, Haruko has to accompany Sakuragi to the sports shop to buy a new pair of shoes because his old shoes are in a bad shape after the practice game with Ryonan.
21 “Enormous Trouble Makers! Hanamichi vs Miyagi”
“SÅ«pā Mondaiji! Hanamichi tai Miyaga” (スーパー問題児! 花道VS宮城)
Ryota Miyagi returns to basketball after being injured in a fight. Ayako hears rumors that Miyagi was back in school, so she decides to investigate. She brings along Sakuragi and sees that Miyagi is into another fight realizing that Ayako and Sakuragi are together sparking jealously into his eyes which causes a problem. Will Miyagi and Sakuragi be able to coexist?
22 “History’s Biggest Idiot Combination is Born”
“Shijō Saiaku doahō Konbi Tanjō” (史上最悪どあほう コンビ誕生)
It seemed like a disaster for two trouble makers in Miyagi and Sakuragi to collide with each other, but it seems things have turned out much better than expected.
23 “Shohoku Basketball Club’s Last Day”
“Shōhoku Basuke-bu Saigo no Hi” (湘北バスケ部 最後の日)
A former member of the Shohoku team returns with a major axe to grind, which spells doom for the team.
24 “The Battle for Justice! Sakuragi’s Goon Squad Joins!”
“Seigi no Mikata: Sakuragi Gundan Sanjō!” (正義の味方·桜木軍団参上)
After Ayako was slapped by one of the invading students, Miyagi joined in the fight, as well as Rukawa. However, Tetsuo easily took both of them down. Sakuragi steps up to the plate, outnumbered. Things change when Sakuragi’s friends appear in an unlikely fashion.
25 “The Man Who Aimed at National Championship”
“Zenkoku Seiha o Mezashita Otoko” (全国制覇をめざした男)
Mitsui and Tetsuo were defeated, but Mitsui still continued to fight. Though when Akagi enters, the atmosphere becomes dense. Akagi slaps Mitsui around. Kogure then informs everyone that Mitsui use to be an excellent basketball player, and was even on the team. Kogure then proceeds to tell the rise and downfall of Mitsui’s basketball career.
26 “Mitsui, the Problems of the Past”
“Mitsui JÅ«go-sai no Nayami” (三井寿15歳の悩み)
It seems that Mitsui was once a great basketball player himself before high school. Though something happened during practice that changed his life forever.
27 “I Want To Play Basketball!”
“Basuke ga Shitai desu!” (バスケがしたいです!)
After suffering through his horrible injury, Mitsui quit on basketball. Though two years later, in his attempt to sabotage Shohoku from participating in the tournament, his feelings for the sport are growing stronger once again.
28 “The Beginning of Interhigh Preliminaries”
“Intāhai Yosen Kaishi” (インターハイ予選開始)
The tournament is finally making its approach. Sakuragi is anxious to play against Sendo again, but Shohoku will have to deal with Miuradai first.
29 “Hanamichi! Debut at an Official Game”
“Hanamichi! Kōshikisen DebyÅ«” (花道! 公式戦デビュー)
30 “The Introspective Army’s Big Counterattack”
“Hansei Gundan no Daihangeki” (ハンセイ軍団の大反撃)
31 “Formidable Enemy Miuradai’s Secret Weapon”
“Shukuteki Miuradai no Himitsu Heiki” (宿敵三浦台の 秘密兵器)
32 “Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death Dunk”
“Tensai Hanamichi! Hissatsu Danku” (天才花道! 必殺ダンク)
33 “Walkout King!? Hanamichi Sakuragi”
“Taijō ÅŒ!? Sakuragi Hanamichi” (退場王!? 桜木花道)
34 “Gorilla’s Secret, Kill with Your Eyes!”
“Gori Jikiden: Me de Korose!” (ゴリ直伝·眼で殺せ!)
35 “Hot Blooded Guys”
“Otokotachi no Atsuki Omoi” (男たちの熱き想い)
36 “A Well Seeded School, Enter Shoyo”
“ShÄ«do-Kō: Shōyō Tōjō” (シード校·翔陽登場)
37 “Hanamichi: First-time As Starter!”
“Hanamichi: Hatsu sutamen!” (花道·初スタメン!)
38 “Rukawa’s Counterattack!”
“Rukawa no Hangeki!” (流川の反撃!)
39 “Lightning Flash Ryota!”
“Denkōseka no Ryōta!” (電光石火のリョータ!)
40 “Rebound King Hanamichi Sakuragi!”
“Ribaundo ÅŒ · Sakuragi Hanamichi” (リバウンド王·桜木花道)
41 “Shoyo’s Ace Fujima Enters the Court”
“Shōyō Ä’su: Fujima Tōjō” (翔陽エース·藤真登場)
42 “Shoyo Ace Fujima’s Real Ability”
“Shōyō Ä’su Fujima no Jitsuryoku” (翔陽エース藤真の実力)
43 “Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!?”
“Mitsui, Genkai ka!?” (三井、限界か!?)
44 “Mitsui! Stormy 3 Points”
“Mitsui! Arashi no SurÄ« Pointo” (三井!嵐の3(スリー)ポイント)
45 “Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi’s Pinch”
“Taijō Mezen!? Hanamichi Pinchi” (退場目前!? 花道ピンチ)
46 “Hanamichi, Hot Dunk”
“Hanamichi, Atsuki Danku” (花道, 熱きダンク)
47 “Challenge From a Rival”
“Raibaru kara no Chōsenjō” (ライバルからの挑戦状)
48 “The Guy Who Pledged to Defeat Kainan”
“Datō Kainan o chikau otoko” (打倒海南を誓う男)
49 “Takezono, Last Fight”
“Takezono, Saigo no Tōshi” (武園·最後の闘志)
50 “Challenge to the King”
“ÅŒ-sama e no Chōsen” (王者への挑戦)
51 “Outside Calculation!? Hanamichi at His Best!”
“Keisan-gai!? Hanamichi zekkōchō!” (計算外!?花道絶好調!)
52 “Secret Weapon Against Sakuragi!”
“Sakuragi FÅ«ji no Himitsu Heiki!” (桜木封じの秘密兵器!)
53 “The Gorilla’s Injury! Desperate Situation!?”
“Gori Fushō! Zettai Zetsumei!?” (ゴリ負傷!絶体絶命!?)
54 “King Kong’s Younger Brother”
“Kingu Kongu, Otōto” (キングコング·弟)
55 “The Guy Who Dominates the Game”
“GÄ“mu wo Shihai suru Otoko” (ゲームを支配する男)
56 “Ace Maki, Full Throttle”
“Ä’su Maki, Zenkai!” (エース牧·全開!)
57 “Anzai, Bet on Victory!”
“Anzai, Shōri e no Kake!” (安西·勝利への賭け!)
58 “Stubborn Guys!”
“Shibutoi yatsura!” (しぶとい奴ら!)
59 “Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion”
“Rasuto JÅ«byō! Kanzen Kechakku” (ラスト10秒!完全決着)
60 “Shohoku on the Edge”
“Kakebbuchi no Shōhoku” (がけっぷちの湘北)
61 “Baldy Strikes Back!”
62 “Three-Day Super Training”
63 “Battle of the Aces! Kainan vs Ryonan”
64 “King Kainan Shows its Abilities!”
65 “The Strongest Match! Sendoh vs Maki”
66 “Sendoh’s Bet”
67 “The Final Battle! Shohoku vs Ryonan”
68 “Savior!? Hanamichi Sakuragi”
“KyuseishÅ«!? Sakuragi Hanamichi” (救世主!?桜木花道)
69 “Gorilla Goes Astray”
70 “Gorilla Dunk II”
“Gorila danku II” (ゴリラダンクII)
71 “Gorilla, Shout of Revival!”
72 “The Greatest Shame of One’s Life”
73 “Rukawa Kaede, Gambling on the 2nd Half”
74 “The Most Dangerous Challenger!”
75 “Fine Play”
“Fain purei” (ファインプレイ)
76 “The Feeling of Victory”
“Shouri no yokan” (勝利の予感)
77 “You Guys Are Strong!”
“Kimitachi wa tsuyoi” (君たちは強い)
78 “Uozumi Jun Revives”
79 “Blue Waves – Ryonan Fights Back!”
80 “Shohoku’s Problems”
81 “Sendoh On Fire! Shohoku Loses”
(仙道ファイヤー! 湘北崩壊!!)
82 “Amateur Sakuragi Hanamichi the Man”
83 “Vice-Captain Kogure’s Determination”
84 “Win or Lose”
85 “New Challenge: The National Championship!”
(あらたなる挑戦! 全国制覇)
86 “Rukawa’s Ambition”
“Rukawa no yabō” (流川の野望)
87 “Japan’s Number One High School Player”
“Nihonichi no kōkōsei” (日本一の高校生)
88 “The Basketball Kingdom – America”
“Basuketto no kuni America” (バスケットの国アメリカ)
89 “Rukawa Kaede’s Spirit”
90 “Shohoku’s Real Ace”
“Shohoku shin no eesu!” (湘北真のエース!)
91 “The Nationals are Dangerous!”
“Zenkoku ga abunai!” (全国が危ない!)
92 “Guys’ Friendship? Sakuragi Gang”
“Otoko no yÅ«jyō!? Sakuragi gundan” (男の友情!?桜木軍団)
93 “Going Toward 20000 Shoots”
“Nimanbon e no chōsen” (2万本への挑戦)
94 “Shizuoka’s Fierce Fight! Shohoku vs. Jousei”
(静岡の激闘! 湘北VS常誠)
95 “Hanamichi’s Hottest Day”
Haruko decides to reward Sakuragi for his hard practicing by taking him to the festival. Sakuragi sees this as an opportunity to try to get with her, but the process became harder than he had expected.
96 “Basketball Shoes Part II”
“Basuketto shÅ«zu II” (バスケットシューズII)
Sakuragi has been working hard for the past months to improve his basketball skills, but as a result, his shoes have torn. He visits none other than the man that gave him his first shoes.
97 “Mixed Feelings, Uozumi Returns”
When a couple of Shoyo players decided to give their goodlucks to Shohoku, Sakuragi comes up with a suggestion; a game against Shoyo and Ryonan!
98 “Fierce Battle Begins! Shohoku vs. Shoyo/Ryonan”
(激闘開始! 湘北VS翔陽·陵南)
Rukawa garnered all the attention with his strong start to the game, but it was Sendoh who soon stole that spotlight when he entered the gym in his fishing clothes.
99 “Facing the Strongest Team, Shohoku in Danger!”
(湘北危うし! 脅威の最強軍団)
The combination team has become even more formidable by adding Sendoh and Fukuda to their lineup, and while Sakuragi is still struggling, Shohoku retains the lead.
100 “The Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi!”
Fujima starts passing more and shooting less 3 pointers, giving hims teammates more open looks and easy opportunities to score. But is it enough to overcome Shohoku?
101 “The Glorious Slam Dunk!”

Slamdunk Full [Streaming] Episode Subtitle Indonesia

Slamdunk Full [Streaming] Subtitle Indonesia

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